50 People Having a Really Bad Day

50 People Having a Really Bad Day

Ever found yourself in trouble after trouble after trouble in just a single day? Well, you are not alone. For all of us experience a troublesome days that would make you wish you never gotten up in the morning. But worry not, because as what has been said, you are not alone. Some people around the world are going through some series of troubles. In fact, theirs could be far worse that yours.

Take these 50 people for example.

1. This driver who forget to park his car. I guess, he would have to pay for people to haul his car back to the street.

2. This guy who should buy a new TV set or a new cat.

3. This guy whose car flew and rolled many times before landing on the street.

4. This masked guy reaping an unforgettable punch for his prank.

5. This guy who is big enough for a small trampoline and his dog seeming to mock him.

6. This people who have to load all the shopping carts all over again.

7. This lady who thinks she can beat the raging flood.

8. This guy who needs some wiping, too, more than his car.

9. This guy who was ticketed and worse, got his car ruined.

10. This golfer who didn’t expect the ball to come back at him.

11. This car whose owner would have to look all over. You think he’d ever find his swallowed car?

12. This hard-working gentleman getting manure all over himself.

13. This lady who decided to pick her way across only to find out that…




14. The fireman who got his mission impossible.

15. These people who learned its best to leave manholes alone.

16. This stooge who think he doesn’t deserve all this misfortunes.

17. This camera operator’s eye socket being seen on national TV

18. This person whose car needs some serious washing.

19. This guy who had an early dip in , of all places, a puddle.

20. This person who jumped into the wrong conclusion.

21. This racer who not only fell, but got some scolding for it.

22. This rocketeer whose rocket found its way to his butt.

23. This dude whose jet ski left without him.

24. This loud girl quieted by the television.

25. The guy whose had a brush with death.




26. This man who picked the wrong stick for bamboo vaulting.

27. The trash collector who had more things to do than he thought  he would.

28. This guy whose gun is an car-wrecker.

 29. This guy whose jump is not as impressive as he thinks it is.

30. This fisher who gets squirted by a squid to his face.

31. This cop who might get a ticket for driving over some newly-cemented road.

32. This unshapely guy and his dumb efforts to climb a horse.

33. This guy who needs some lessons on Trampoline Jumping 101.

34. This old man whose wondering how to get home now with his car cemented.

35. A young dude who’ll never get a second kiss in his life. Ever.

36. This man who broke a tray of eggs, thanks to his unruly dog. And the dog, too, who was nearly at the brink of death. 

37. This truck driver who had nowhere to go but to jail.

38. This man who lights his own house on fire just to kill a spider.




39. This skater who isn’t embarrassed to hurt himself in public.

40. This kiddo who’s playing on some sharp grass.

41. This guy who parked in some cheap lot.

42. This kid who doesn’t know how to waterslide. Bet he didn’t have some childhood.

43. This man who baited himself.

44. This girl who is in dire need of keratin for her hair.

45. This dude who’s headed in the wrong direction.

46. The man behind who’s outsmarted by his jacket.

47. This man who needs more practice (And more space to do his tricks).

48. This rider who screwed up his show.

49. This guy who would never hold his hands out in the air too soon next time.

50. This girl who hang out with the wrong crowd.




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