20 Enticing Gazebo Photos to Use as Your Desktop Wallpaper

20 Enticing Gazebo Photos to Use as Your Desktop Wallpaper

You saw one of them in The Sound of Music. We bet you can never forget what another one looked like in Hillary Duff’s A Cinderella Story. If you’re a fan of Twilight, then you also saw one during Edward and Bella’s prom night. They are no stranger to your eyes, you just sometimes ignore their existence. Yes, we’re talking about gazebos.

Dating 5,000 years ago, gazebos have long been used as a structure in the garden. They were originally called summerhouses, kiosks, pavilions, pergolas, arbors, screen houses, grottos, or pagodas. They started as towers or lanterns on roofs of some houses to add advantageous views of the surrounding areas. Years later, they were then built on the ground as summer houses.

Ever since, they have grown popular. From ancient Egypt, they spread to China, France, America, and all over the world. Because of their structure, gazebos add a spectacular view in gardens. Sometimes, they become the center of it. It’s an undeniable fact that they just stand out for themselves. Some gazebos are just so eye-catching that they can even qualify as a desktop wallpaper. While a picture of your idol on the screen is inspiring and motivating, photos of gazebos are wondrous. Check some gazebo wallpapers below.

Amazing Gazebo Wallpapers

Chinese gazebo in the park

25522 spring gazebo w 1920x1200.jpg (666533 bytes)

Summer Gazebo Images Wallpapers

Garden Gazebo Lake Wallpapers

Gazebo Purple Wisteria Wallpapers

Amazing Autumn Gazebo Wallpapers

Cool Old Great Gazebo Wallpapers




Bistrita Central Park Gazebo Wallpapers


Aren’t they all breathtakingly enticing? Well, you might as well download one of these from some sites and turn your desktop to a scenic landscape.


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