51 Absurd Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

51 Absurd Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

A sign is a necessary tool to mark a place, indicate directions, and signify safety. Every single day, we see thousands of them anywhere you look. So what do you do when you are out on the road driving, and you see signs like the ones below?

These signs will send you laughing hard onto the floor. Some are just placed there and coincided perfectly with the environment—unknowingly aware that it looks and sounds preposterous, while some are cleverly made to send a message.

1.  It would be pretty hot in hell.

2.  The order of that seems about right.

3.  But it’s a free puppy!

4.  This mom is awesome.

5.  They certainly wouldn’t make any noise.




6.  It is no fun to have diarrhea.

7. Watch out! We got a badass over here.

8.  Oh, that’s why you should keep your eyes on your drinks.

9.  Maybe I should get off the bus, just to be safe.

10.  I certainly hope so.




11.  Also give a warning to the dogs.

12.  You need any more proof?

13.  Better watch out for ninjas.

14.  You will also get a free trip to jail, plus have the chance to go behind bars for the full experience.

15.  Seems legit.




16.  Guess he wouldn’t be pooping in there anymore.

17.  Have pity on the fishes.

18.  Advertisement at its finest.

19.  Why would a sign arrest you?

20.  Please do not flush these things down the toilet.




21.  Three beers down, 23 to go to get that free drink!

22.  You just have been owned with science.

23.  They are talking about flowers.

24.  Nothing gets the attention of any guy than a sign with girls and pizza.

25.  How to not spell the word “bird.”




26.  You better start doing better things than that.

27.  Urine Danger.

28.  Have you ever thought about it?

29.  Drivers do not carry what?

30.  Smoke here.




31.  Introducing the poop fairy.

32.  Please, we beg of you. Do not be that guy.

33.  Shoot, hang, and frame.

34.  Cross the street in style only.

35.  That is pretty honest and specific.




36.  Beware of falling cows when you’re driving.

37.  Not a way to show your patriotism.

38.  If you know what I mean (*wink*).

39.  Please time your good-bye kisses accordingly.

40.  Finally, I can donate hoes!




41.  Ooh! That burns so hard.

42.  I’m not sure if I want some of that.

43.  Just another name.

44.  You’re on the wrong Abbey Road, mate.

45.  That would be a pretty awkward gift for my mom.




46.  In case you are wondering just how strong and kickass Chuck Norris is.

47.  Loius CK

48.  This looks suspicious and illegal. But I’m curious . . .

49.  Hell must look like an enormous library that is full of Satan’s work by now.

50.  Ermahgerd Derk Herse!

51.  Shots have been fired. Your move, girls.


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