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The Smart “Cloud” Lamp Brings A Thunderstorm Right Into Your House

Interactive furniture seem to be all the rage in today’s modern home. The once impossible features of the ordinary furniture has now come alive thanks to furniture designer Richard Clarkson. His unusual yet mind boggling creation aptly named as Cloud is a new music-based interactive decor shaped like an angry little storm cloud that plays little tunes and can simulate a real thunderstorm (minus the rain, of course) inside your own home.

Looks Real Thunder Cloud
Beautiful Creativity

The aptly called Cloud Smart contains a Philips LED bulb, which is perfect for extensive use and properly tuned lighting. Its speaker control is perfectly hidden inside and can be played with any Bluetooth device.

Cloud Lamp
Colorful Cloud Lamp

This amazing furniture peace comes with a remote control that activates the Cloud in going into storm mode when you prefer not to play some music. The Cloud makes use of motion sensors at this mode to generate the lighting and thunder, which can be dictated by movement.

Colorful Lightning Cloud




Lighting Storm Cloud Lamp

The light’s lightning effect can flash in time with the music, when it’s playing. The product also comes with its own small “satellite” giving the thundercloud a more realistic feel to it.

Goods at the Window
Making The Room Beautiful
Mind Blowing Art

This mind blowing piece of furniture comes with a hefty price of $3,360. The add-ons cost $240 each.  However, people can also avail of a lamp only version, which costs about $960.


Watch the Smart Cloud Lamp in action:




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