52 Hilarious Drunks Trying to Act Sober in GIF

52 Hilarious Drunks Trying to Act Sober in GIF

Have you been so drunk that the mere act of standing seems to be the hardest thing to do in the world? This is a list of people who have so much drink and their funny antics. Watch as these drunks valiantly battle with gravity and inanimate objects.

From the archives of the Internet, we compile the funniest GIFs of drunk people. Watch and enjoy these funny GIF clips.

1.That’s not a milk, Santa.

2.No, sir, a Breathalyzer isn’t a scotch brand.

3. A bit more. Oh, shoot!

4. That hurts.

5. Almost made it out.

6. I don’t know how to sober anymore.

7. The fastest way to stairs.

8. I’m riding a boar. Envy me!

9. Timber!

10. Good job, little man.

11. It didn’t happen. Nobody saw it.

12. Standing is so overrated.

13. The revenge of the oven.

14. I get down faster this way.




15. Doing the Limbo while drunk is really a good idea.

16. Hi, lady!

17. Not a quite a full circle.

18. Bench swimming is a new sport.

19. Bus stop = 1, girl = 0

20. Watch your steps.

21. Don’t mind me.

22. Watch me fail.

23.Going, Going… Gone

24.Sunday Morning Strolls With a Dash of Whiskey

25. Nothing happened.

26. I’m going up.

27. Wait for it.

28. Smooth Recovery




29. I’m on TV.

30. Slide to the Left! Cha-cha Now Y’all

31. That’s the way to impress the Ladies

32. When you really wan’t to pee.

33. This sounds like a great idea at first.

34. Catch me.

35. The next Michael Jackson

36. If I Just Close My Eyes for a Second

37. Out of reach.

38. That was close!

39. Just hanging out

40. You’re on fire, dude!

41. It’s a Small Step for Man… One Giant Leap for the Drunk

42. I Got This. I Totally Got This.




43. That’s teamwork.

44. Hello, there!

45. TAG, You’re It!

46. Just spiderman sleeping.

47. Damn these mirrors!

48. That hurts.

49. When eating becomes a challenge.

50. You’ve Got Served Man!

51. Vodka Beach Party!

52. No more alcohol!

52. Get your groove on!




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