Most Amazing Things From Around the Globe

Most Amazing Things From Around the Globe


We have gathered the most amazing photos around the world that sweep us off from our feet and leave us breathless. These are the natural wonders we didn’t think would exist on earth, some are unbelievable aftermath from natural phenomena while others are works of art made out of human imagination and creativity.
Join us in awe with these thirty three amazing photos around the globe that makes us want to travel and discover more about earth.

1. Peculiar Tree House

Relive your childhood adventures with this ultimate tree house experience in the middle of nowhere.

2. Color Sock Tree

Texas is painting the city with colorful crochets and yardbombing this wonka tree.

3. Floating House

Life at sea has never been this luxurious in this floating glass house.

4. Algae Formation in the Beach


 5. Takinoue Park in Hokkaido, Japan

Japan is truly blessed with so many amazing wonders and this pink field covered with spring flowers is just one of them.

6. Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes now have selective instincts and this time, it chooses this unfortunate car to be its victim.

 7.  Prekestolen in Norway

Known as the Pulpit’s Rock, this lovely natural attraction in Norway was known to be created during the Ice Age when the edges of the glacier reached the cliff.

8. Largest Umbrella in the World


9. Match Stick Art

Chicago-based artist Pei-San Ng uses burned matchstick tips mixed with unused ones to create this masterpiece.

 10. Dragon’s Blood Tree

This alien like tree can only be found in Socotra Island, Yemen.

11. The Hole House in Texas

Designed by artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, the Hole House or Tunnel House in Houston Texas was created from an abandoned house with an inspiration about space time.

12. Lollipop with Scorpion


13. Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

The Lion Rock used to be the place where King Kasyapa built his palace on top, after his death it was turned into a Buddhist monastery and today it has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

amazing-2814. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

The world’s highest suspension bridge in USA is also one of the best spots for tourists who love bungee jumping.


15. Minecraft Inspired Building


16. Daredevil Train Route


17. Elephant Grass Sculpture


18. Chocolate Dress

Spoil your sweet tooth with this chocolate dress created by the German bakery company called Lambertz in 2010 for its Annual Monday Night Party in Cologne.


19. Lake Hillier in Australia

Lake Hillier in Western Australia is captivating tourists with its bubblegum color caused by organisms living in the area.


20. Glasswinged Butterfly

Greta Oto of glasswinged butterflies have transparent wings resulted from their low absorption of the light’s visibility and lesser ability of scattering the light passing through their wings.



21. Leshan Giant Buddha

This huge Budhha in China is known to be the largest stone Buddha in the World and the tallest pre-modern statue ever built.


22. Ficus Eating Motorcycle


23. Atlantic Road in Norway

One of the most breathtaking highways in the world is found in Norway where you are greeted with  waters crashing into its banks that gives you a thrilling road drive like never before.


24. 14-Foot Sea Serpent

The world was taken aback with the news couple of years ago in California where a 14-ft sea serpent was found near the shore. These creatures are known to have the longest bone fish in the world.


25. Underwater Restaurant

Create a delectable underwater adventure with this underwater restaurant found in Maldives called the “Ithaa”.


26. Dragon Gate

Relive King Arthur’s Day and protect your castle with this steel dragon gate.


27. Crazy Stunt

Children (and parents) do not try this at home.


28. Mumok in Austria

A public art by Styrian artist Erwin Wurm created quite an entrance in this museum.


29. The World’s Biggest Snake, Anaconda



30. Sunny Side up Candle



31. Bull Shaped Motorcycle


32. Awesome Food Art


33. Dome of the Rock

Found in Israel, this intriguing rock is found in the middle of the Rock Mosque Al-Qubbah and it looks like suspended in the air.


They are magical but definitely not photoshopped, this world could never been so mysterious and it continuously gives us stunning discoveries and unusual excitement through the years.



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