6 Charming Fox Species You Need to Know

6 Charming Fox Species You Need to Know


This furry creatures can sometimes be deadly but most of the times, they are harmless and superbly cute beings.  Watch how these foxes captured our hearts with their natural charm, lovely round eyes, divine furs and foxy moves.

Fennec Fox

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Found in the Sahara area of North Africa, Fennec fox is known for its extraordinary long ears. They are the smallest species of canid in the world and their coat deflects heat at daytime while it keeps them warm at night.

Gray Fox

Gray Fox can be found in North and South America and Canada.  They are known for their ability to climb trees with their strong claws and jump from one branch to another on their way down.

Red Fox




Red Fox is the largest specie of the true foxes that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere, Asia and Australia. They are one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species due to their presence in Australia and they are one of the most important furbearing animals used in the market.

Arctic Marble Fox

This type of fox was known to be a product of human intervention while some believed it was a mutation from a silver fox ranch in Norway in 1945.

Silver Fox




Silves fox is an evolution of red fox that has black tail with white hues on the tip. Their skins were usually draped by royals in Russia, Europe and China.

Arctic Fox

Also called as snow fox or polar fox, Arctic Fox has thick white fur during winter and brown in summer. They have short legs and snouts and they can be found in the Arctic regions.


Red Riding Hood must have mistaken these charming foxes to be vicious creatures because in reality, they are one of the nicest types of animals out there.

Check out some of the world’s most alluring fox species that will simply captivate you.



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