A Railway Market in Thailand Will Keep You on Your Toes

A Railway Market in Thailand Will Keep You on Your Toes

Going to a market and buying vegetables has never been this exciting at Maeklong Railway Market.

Welcome to the umbrella pull-down market in the central part of Thailand where trains run daily as vendors push their tents and carts back while waiting for the train to pass by.

Maeklong railway is basically built to transport goods from the neighboring fish ports to Bangkok markets before World War II. Recently, it becomes one of the tourist destinations in the country as one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand strategically located in the railway.

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As the train approaches through the Talad Rom Hoop, vendors and buyers are warned with the train alarm. People move back while the vendors move their goods away from the trail and push back their awnings to make way for the train. After the train passes over, merchants and shoppers are back to business.

Four trains run in the market daily between Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram. These trains are known to have an average speed of 30km/hr, one of the slowest in the country and it gives the people around three minutes to clear the track for the train after it blows its horn.



Watch the videos below on how this unique market pulls their stunts everyday.


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