3 Flexible Sisters Were Huge Stars in the 1940s

3 Flexible Sisters Were Huge Stars in the 1940s


While we sleep in a room covered with Justin Bieber posters and a shelf filled with Taylor Swift‘s albums, these stars are not the only best this world has even given birth to. In the past, there were a bunch of singers, dancers, other performers who graced the stage and wowed a big crowd, and in this article, we are set to talk about one. You might have never heard of them because it’s been twenty years since they did shows, but this group of performers sang and swung their way up to stardom in the most flexible way ever.

The Ross Sisters, which is composed of Betsy Ann, Veda, and Dixie, but go on stage with the names Aggie, Maggie, and Elmira, respectively, were a trio of American singers and dancers who were big stars during the 1940s. They were first heard about when they were featured in the 1944 film Broadway Rhythm and whose part was later shown in the 1994 compilation film That’s Entertainment III.


Aggie, Maggie, and Elmira were Texas-born triplets to parents Veda Cordelia Lipham and Charles Adolphus Ross. They performed in the show Count Me In in 1942, and their performance was reviewed by the Billboard. Their acrobatics was praised by the reviewer, and good words about them soon spread.


There was one video, though, that helped them buold a name in the country, adn that’s when they danced to the song “Solid Potato Salad.” After then, they were invited to perform in nightclubs and various shows. They even had performances in Europe and had a show before King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1946.


In the video performance where they sang and danced to the tune of “Solid Potato Salad,” the trio showed off jaw-dropping acrobatic skills. From bending backwards to reach an apple from the floor to making their body do a 360-degree to an unbelievable split-leg stunt, these girls looked like they can even beat a fictional superhero when it comes to flexibility.













When three of them got married, they decided to put a halt to their own career. Their video, however, is still available in popular site YouTube and still amazes a lot of viewers.


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