7 Breeds of Domesticated Dogs That Resemble Wolves

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal and sweet creatures that are adorable to own.

However, some of us have different preferences as to which breed is the best, and some prefer to have dogs who have wolf-like features and qualities.

Below are seven breeds of dogs that are well-known for their sharp and distinct features that resembles wolves. Which canine breed do you like best?

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Finnish Lapphund


This breed of dog is used to gather around reindeers in Finland. Spitz weigh about 17 to 18 kilos and it possesses thick long coats of fur that is somehow close to the appearance of a wolf. However, these dogs only live up to 13 years. They are usually healthy, but have the tendency to acquire cataracts and retinal atrophy.

Siberian Husky


These dogs were first bred by the Chukchi tribes from Siberia to pull their sleds. An average Siberian husky weighs 25 kilos or less and they also have wolf-like double coats of fur with erect ears. Normally, However, they are prone to epilepsy and retinal atrophy. To avoid these problems, you must keep them active.




Another dog from Finland, Tamaskans are smaller than a timber wolf and they only weigh at about 20 to 40 kilograms. They are grey in color that gives them the resemblance to a wolf.

Northern Inuit Dog


This dog was developed in UK from four various breeds: German Shepherd, Inuit, Alaskan malamutes, and Siberian Huskies. Generally, they can weigh up to 25 to 40 kilograms. They have a friendly and playful nature as the huskies. However, they tend to obtain epilepsy, cataracts, and hip dysplasia.



German Shepherd dogs, Alaskan Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies were used to develop this breed by the British. They have a life span of 15 years and they are great to live with. Utonogan comes from a Chinook word which means “wolf’s spirit”.


Alaskan Malamute


Alaskan Malamutes grows the same size as timber wolves, and they can weigh about 35 to 45 kilograms. They have thick double coats of white, sable, or grey with brown eyes. These dogs can live up to 11 years, but they are likely to have retinal atrophy, cataracts and hip dysplasia.

They also have to be trained colossally for the dog to behave.

Canadian Eskimo Dog


Weighing at around 30 to 40 kilos, Canadian Eskimo dogs are strong and athletic. They have a thick coat of fur like a Siberian Husky. Due to this, they tend to suffer heat stoke. Life expectancy for this breed of dogs is 12 years.

Smaller animals shouldn’t be kept together with this animal as they have predatory instincts.


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