Phenomenal Video of Two Kids Dancing Salsa

Phenomenal Video of Two Kids Dancing Salsa

Ballroom dancing is known as one of the most complicated dance forms in the world. Generally, it is always features adult professional dancers as its performers. However, two kids from New Jersey can certainly give these adult dancers a run for their own money.





The Garden State might have just bagged the title of being the “home of the most talented people in the planet”, when a viral video of two of its homegrown talents wowed the audience with their breathtaking salsa routine featured at the 2014 Latino del Mundo Israeli Salsa Congress, which took place from April 24 to April 30, 2014.


The salsa is a popular form of social dance that traces its origins to New York. The dance has strong influences from Latin America, particularly from Cuba and Puerto Rico. The origin of its movements can be traced back to the Cuban “son” and from other Latin America dances such as the cha cha and the mambo.

It is characterized by a series of movements that feature dancers shifting their weight, while the upper body remains level and nearly unaffected by the dancers’ constant shift in weight through a series of foot work.




And, the New Jersey natives, who stole the show were Kevin and Beverly, aged six and seven years old, respectively.

Despite their young age, both dancers have already established a name and career in the world of professional ballroom dancing.


The two initially had different partners. Kevin, who formed half of a dancing duo, was officially paired with a little girl named Gaby. Both Kevin and Gaby share the ‘World Champ Title’ and have won various dance events. Beverly, on the other hand, was often paired with an equally talented young ballroom dancer named Eduardo.

Kevin and Beverly paired up for the first time during the 2014 Latino del Mundo Israeli Salsa Congress.

Their new partnership got them the championship title at the competition. Their salsa routine featured a series of complicated lifts, turns, and swift footwork, which follows the very nature of the dance.

Check out the young duo’s powerful routine below:



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