8 Bizarre Things Found Under the Sea

8 Bizarre Things Found Under the Sea


Beyond our reaches lies a world of unfathomable depths, a world more mysterious than the vast outer space. It is a world that we haven’t fully ventured into and discovered yet. The deep blue sea is deeper than you think, and these eight odd discoveries are enough to prove that true.

Prepare yourself for the underwater world and the bizarre secrets it holds.

Locomotives from Another Dimension?

A strange discovery was uncovered from the depths 30 years ago. The discovery: locomotives from the 1850s. What’s even more bizarre is that no one knows exactly how these engines found their way to the bottom of the ocean.

A Japanese Monument

Believe it or not, there is a monument that has been lying dormant on Japan’s ocean floor. It’s called the Yonaguni Monument, and it has stayed in the waters for over 5,000 years. It is located just a few miles off the coast of Japan, and its origin has been under speculation for quite some time now.




Sunken World War II Silver

Researchers found what every treasure hunter would call a jackpot. They discovered a sunken British cargo ship just off the coast of Ireland, containing over 60 tons of silver.


Imagine a sinkhole and all its terrifying glory. Now multiply the terror by imagining an underwater sinkhole. Yes, that’s right, a sinkhole underwater.

Although it sounds unbelievable, there really are a couple of underwater sinkholes. All of them offer a magnificent yet ominous sight. If you happen to pass by one, you’ll get the dreaded feeling that something just might pull you from underneath.




Submerged Stonehenge

This underwater Stonehenge found at the bottom of Lake Michigan presents more questions than answers. First of all, no one knows for sure if it’s related to its British counterpart. Its origins remain unknown. To add to the long list of questions, one of the pillars also has an image of an animal engraved on it—a species that has been extinct for roughly 10,000 years.

Underwater Rivers

Absurd as it may sound, underwater rivers do exist. Although they’re quite common, the process of how they come to be is complex. Given the conditions are right, an underwater river is made when salty and fresh water mix together.





Just when you thought that the waters are free from nightmares involving those terrible-looking eight-legged creatures, you’ll be surprised to know that spiders can also live underwater. Some species of spiders have the capability to survive under the sea. How do they do it? By creating air pockets using their webs, which allow them to swim down and swim back up every time they need to breathe in oxygen.

A Sculpture Park of Terror

If you think the statue outside your city hall is creepy enough, never dare swim underwater because you might not be able to paddle your way back up. The oceans are filled with lifeless statues.

Here’s one example: covered with barnacles and other forms of algae, over 500 statues lie dormant at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. The statues stand motionless, waiting for the next visitors to lay eyes on them.




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