8-Foot Tall Man Marries Woman Almost 4 Feet Shorter

8-Foot Tall Man Marries Woman Almost 4 Feet Shorter


Meet Joelison Fernandes da Silva, Brazil’s official tallest man. The 28-year old stands at a staggering height if 8 inches and 7 feet (2.2 meters). As he has been bullied at school because of his stature, he eventually dropped out. To avoid the prying eyes of people, he rarely went out of their house.


But this ‘gentle giant’ who has been hiding himself away for many years had eventually found the love of his life. The 21-year old Evem Medeiros stands at only 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall, which is too short a height compared to his giant husband. Despite ‘not seeing eye to eye’ most of the times, the couple is pretty much in love with each other and is happily married.

Mum: Joelison's mother Ivanilde Fernandes da Silva, 45 (left), admits she's found it hard to adjust to her son's wife, claiming, 'I got really jealous when he got married because I dedicated my life to him'





Joelison, who developed gigantism as a child, says of himself: “I saw myself as abnormal.” Nevertheless, Evem loves him unconditionally and is looking forward to having offsprings of their own.

Not everyone is happy for the lovebirds, though. Evem’s mother-in-law, Ivanilda, has found it difficult to let go of his ‘baby.’ “I get really jealous because I dedicated my life to him,” she says. She admits she still looks after his medication as she “have not delegated that to that [Evem] girl.” Joelison’s mom says she will once her daughter-in-law gets used to things.”

Which will not be hard for Evem. After all, she’s head over heels in love with his gentle giant.





Witness the rest of their story in this video:


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