Grandma Proves Age is Just a Number

86-Year-Old Gymnast Proves That Age Is Only a Number


Johanna Quaas, an 86-year-old gymnast, serves an inspiration to us all, as she spends most of her time, twirling, tumbling, and doing her acrobatic stints on the parallel bars and on the gym.

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At a very young age, Johanna was already considered a pro in gymnastics. Although she was exposed to various contests since then, it was only in 2012 when she became known to a much wider audience.

In that year, Johanna impressed the audience during the Cottbus World Cup in Germany, where she performed an exhibition routine on the parallel bars and on the floor, which most people of her age wouldn’t want to do. Even if she had to compete with other athletes in their mid-70s, she still brought home 11 medals.

While she only practices gymnastics “just for fun”, she continues to wow the crowd in various events and competitions all across the globe.

Johanna described her experience saying, “I just want to give others a chance too. And to perform against 70-year-olds all the time is no fun after a while”.

Catch Grandma Johanna as she performs flawless and body altering moves:


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