A Gigantic Stuffed Bunny on Top of a Hill in Italy: But WHY?

A Gigantic Stuffed Bunny on Top of a Hill in Italy: But WHY?

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Hare is made completely of fabric and straw and is going to be left there until it completely decays. The art collective that put him together predicts that with the help of weather and the occasional hungry cattle, it’s expected to be completely diminish by 2025.


Hikers are encouraged to climb up on and all over Hase and relax after a long trip up to the top of the mountainside, as long as the giant stuffed bunny is still intact. You can reach Hase from the town of Artesina, Piedmont, in Tuscany, Northern Italy. If you aren’t lucky enough to be in Italy, the pink stuffed toy  can also be visited virtually through Google Maps.

The direction is 44 14’39.77″N 7º46’10.71″E





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