A Vending Machine That Feeds Dogs in Exchange for Empty Bottles

A Vending Machine That Feeds Dogs in Exchange for Empty Bottles

With the breakthrough of computers and robotics, it is fascinating to know that some people use technology not just to enhance people’s lifestyle but also to take care of the living things in this planet especially the strayed animals and protect the environment by promoting recycling.

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Vending machine for pets
Vending machine for dogs
Pets eating on the vending machine
kids using the vending machine

Here is one of the greatest inventions that give our world a chance to make things right in the eyes of Mother Nature – a food vending machine that feeds homeless dogs and cats in parks and public areas in exchange of empty plastic bottles.

Created by the company called Pugedon and installed in Istanbul, Turkey, this awesome machine encourages everyone to recycle unused bottles and show kindness to homeless animals. All you need to do is insert a bottle into the machine and it automatically dispenses pellets of feed and drinking water to its tray where the animals wait for their meals.

This simple gesture is our stepping stone in this fast-paced generation to pause and think about the homeless animals all over the world that needs our affection and makes us think more on keeping our environment clean through recycling empty bottles and scrapped materials.

Check out how this vending machine works below:


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