Adorable Photos of Miniature Horses from Around the Globe

Adorable Photos of Miniature Horses from Around the Globe


Thinking of adopting a new pet at home? Try miniature horses. They are highly trainable, competitive and extremely adorable.

Miniature horses measure less than 34-38 inches from the last hairs of their mane. They are known as pets of nobility during 1600’s in Europe while others are used in coal mines in England and other parts of the continent after children were prohibited to work as coal miners in the early 1800’s.

Because of their nature, miniature horses can be transported quickly and doesn’t need a lot of feeds compared to normal sized horses. They are friendly to children and they are also known as assistance animals for persons with disabilities because they have longer lifespan than dogs.

Change the way you think about horses and let these photos of 15 cute ponies and mini-horses melt your heart away.

1. This miniature stallion is so cute


2. They run so cute too!


3. No, it’s not a goat, it’s a ranch miniature horse taking a nap


4. And here’s another sleepy mini horse with his playmate

Mini Horse With A Baby



5. “Look how I run”

Mini Horse Mimi

6. Who needs a teddy bear when you have this cute horse?

Just A Mini Horse

 7. “We come in different colors”


8. Bonding moment with horses





9. Dog with manes, anyone?

Mini Horse

10. How about a teddy horse?

Little Horse With Teddy Bear

11. Looks like they are having a real man conversation here.


12. And yet another serious talk with the duck…

Miniature Horse




13. Is there a thing called horse obesity?


14. This little cowboy just witnessed a heartwarming moment with these horses.

Little And Big Friends

15. Mini Horses can have side swept bangs too!


Take one of these cuties with you on a walk to the park and be one of the few who own these adorable mini horses.




Check out videos below.



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