Impress Your Friends With These Amazing Edible Shot Glasses

Impress Your Friends With These Amazing Edible Shot Glasses


Are you looking for unique and great ideas for the party you’re planning pretty soon? Then, you’re definitely in the right place. You should definitely check these innovative shot glass recipes.

You heard it right. They’re not merely for drinking, you can consume them, too. It’s like a snack and a shot of liquor all in one. From the moment you see them, you’ll already be salivating and their flavors are truly amazing. Time for you to surprise your guests on that next party you’re planning!

Shot Glasses from Cookies

What’s better than your regular shot glass? A shot glass that’s also a cookie! They sure look enticing and they’re filled with RumChata Jelly shots. Not only are they delicious, but they’ll definitely be fantastic for an unforgettable party. Get the recipe here.

Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

You should certainly try these tasteful toasted marshmallow shot glasses, which are perfect for finishing your next party’s delicious roundup. Get the recipe here.

Hard Candy Shot Glasses

Just seeing these lovely and colorful shot glasses is already genuinely enjoyable. Look at them, they’re so vibrant! Get the recipe here.

Jelly Shot Glasses

Here is an interesting idea for that shot glass mold you have. Using melted gummy candy, fill the mold with it. Then, put it in the freezer and let it cool off. The result will amaze you and you now have jelly shot glasses! Get the full instructions here.

Chocolate Shot Glasses

The decoration on this photo is just wonderful and is truly another amazing idea for a shot glass. Get the recipe here.






Cupcake Pudding Shooter

Gulp down those shots with these tiny pudding cupcakes. Both acting as an edible shot glass and decoration, what else can you ask for? Get the recipe here.

Ice Shot Glasses

These are literally the coolest shot glasses ever. Make these awesome shot glasses and amaze your guests at your next party! You can also personalize your ice shot glasses to make them more unique and personalized. Get the recipe here.

Watermelon Shot Glasses

Watermelon shooters

You’re looking at your watermelon and you’re like “Hmm, what fun thing can I do with them?”. Well, why not make some shot glasses out of your watermelon? They’re absolutely divine. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glasses

This is absolutely the perfect shots and snacks for a party. A drink, a cookie, and a chocolate, all in one tiny, but sweet package! Get the recipe here.

Ice Cream Cone Shot Glasses

These charming shots, which resembles mini ice cream cones, aren’t just good looking, they taste excellent, as well. Check out the recipe here so you can try them out yourself.




Apricot Shot Glasses

Even tiny apricots can be transformed into the perfect shot glasses by simply making holes in them. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Shot Glasses

It’s absolutely possible to make chocolates into shot glasses. Your innovative chocolate shots will definitely impress all your guests. Simply fill them up with your choice of liqueur and add some decorative whipped cream on top. Get the recipe here.

Airheads Candy Shot Glasses

You can definitely transform airhead candy into cute edible shot glasses, which is another innovative concept for making a shot glass. Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Shot Glasses

Here is an amazing idea for your strawberries. Strawberry shot glasses filled with a margarita jello shots. This is definitely a tremendous amount of “yummy” in a single shot. Check the recipe here.

Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Shot Glasses

Pouring some liquor into some cherry tomato and cucumber edible shot glasses is a terrific idea. You’ll be providing both a snack and a shot for your visitors. Get the recipe here.



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