These Unusual Models are Redefining the Fashion Industry

These Unusual Models are Redefining the Fashion Industry


We’re pretty sure you have heard of the saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. And, these unusual extraordinary models prove that that saying is nothing, but the truth.

The Record Holder for Tallest Model at 6’8” Tall

Erika Ervin, commonly known as Amazon Ever, 34, is the world’s tallest model. She dwarfs the majority of women and men she meets as she towers over them at 6 feet 8 inches.

Four years ago, Erika began modeling when she made an appearance on the front cover on the Zoo Weekly magazine. She has also had jobs as a personal trainer, paralegal, and a political lobbyist. She also makes $400 as an extra cash by challenging men to wrestle her.

Eve have always been tall, ever since she was a kid. She towered over her teachers and classmates, as she was already at 5′ 9″ at the young age of 14. By 19, she stood at her present height of 6’8″. However, Eve suffered extreme pain as she rose up 11 inches over the next five years. To boost her confidence, Eve ultimately took up acting classes.

In 2013, Eve had a role in the hit TV series Hemlock Grove as Shelley Godfrey. She aimed to become a Hollywood star, but the central parts that she got were roles for monsters or aliens.

The Model Who is Challenging Fashion Beauty Standards with her Cross-Eyes

Moffy may have the right body measurements and is talented, beautiful, and young, but she is unlike the average female supermodel. She is actually cross-eyed, which makes her unique from all the other professional models.

The modeling industry is very strict about physical “flaws”. Most girls are denied a career due to that very reason. However, Moffy’s flaws, her condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other which is called strabismus, was the very reason she became successful in the world of fashion.

Moffy had never been photographed for a fashion magazine before her now-popular photo shoot for POP Magazine. However, her unconventional, pure beauty enticed  everyone, even the model agency that discovered Kate Moss. Storm has recently signed Moffy as one of their models.

The Model Who is the Record Holder for World’s Largest Hips

Having a measurement of over eight feet around, Mikel Ruffinelli, from Los Angeles, CA, holds the world’s biggest hips.

The plus-size model – only 140 pounds in her teenage years — despite attracting jeers quite often, is proud of her figure and has no intentions of losing weight. Mikel, 39, needs a reinforced chair at home and  because her more than 400-pound frame cannot squeeze into a car, she chose to drive a truck. The mother of four’s astonishing natural 100-inch curves mean she needs two seats on planes and struggles to get through doorways.

Mikel now earns $1,000 per shoot while modeling for a website that features beautiful and big women.

Having Muscular Dystrophy, She Applied to be a Fashion Model as a Joke and Landed the Job

unusual models Jillian Mercado has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair. Despite her challenges, she was still able to become a fashion reporter. She met Nicola Formichetti, the artistic director for the Diesel fashion house while working at a fashion magazine.

She saw that Diesel were looking for hip, young models who represented an array of cultural backgrounds after a couple of months. She applied for a bit of fun and just for the hell of it.

“Hey can you send us more pictures? We are kind of interested in having you in the campaign,”  was in the email she received not long after her “apply for fun”. Mercado was picked to be the face of Diesel in their next campaign along with 22 others.

Despite her worries about how people would react once the pictures were released on Instagram, she didn’t hide her wheelchair when photographers took a picture of Mercado. The feedback were overwhelmingly positive to her joy.

Modeling Teen Girl Outfits made this 72-Year-Old Grandpa Famous

A hilarious joke transformed into a huge advertising campaign for a fashion store. After his granddaughter posted them on China’s biggest retail website, pictures of a 72-year-old Chinese man modeling chic clothes for young women went viral online, in 2012.

unusual models Liu Xanping, 72, has been modeling for his granddaughter’s female fashion store on Tmall and despite the garments being meant for cute and sweet teen girls, emphasizing rosy shades, ribbons and laces, he totally pulled it off. His slim physique, his pair of long skinny legs, and his confidence in front of the camera garnered the appreciation of millions. But, what’s more important is that his granddaughter’s store sales have risen five times since his photos went viral. Liu is also the first elderly male model who achieved Internet stardom for modeling girls clothes.



A Job as a Male Model Being Done by a Woman

With her razor-sharp cheekbones and her height of 6 feet and 2 inches, Casey Legler, 35, is a woman who has been recently signed to the men’s division at the famed Ford Modeling Agency and exclusively models men’s wear.

Photographer, Cass Bird, invited unusual models Legler at the last minute to participate in the role of a man for a photo shoot for Muse magazine, a modeling gig she landed in 2012. Legler was requested to sign a contract to work exclusively for Ford’s male roster after the photos were shared with an agent at Ford Models the very next day.

Former Marine and Amputee Who Relishes His Second Career as a Fitness Model

Around Alex Minsky, double-takes are normal, but this isn’t because of his prosthetic leg. This war veteran’s finely chiseled, tattooed body is often the reason for a second look.

Minsky, 24, nearly lost his life and unfortunately lost part of his right leg, to a roadside explosion in Afghanistan. This former Marine-turned-model has a grueling maintenance schedule of working out twice a day. However, that is nothing compared to what he went through, while he was still in service.

Minsky received a Purple Heart and he learned how to walk with the aid of a prosthetic limb. While Minsky was training at the gym one day, photographer Tom Cullis approached him and asked if he has an experience as a model.

Minsky is still heating up the Internet with pictures of his ripped and tattooed body a year after his first photo shoot.

unusual models Ugly Models: A Modeling Agency for Ugly People and their Staff

Models are required by commercial businesses, but some aren’t exactly looking for “super” models. Some casting need specific looks, quirks, or a person whose image is downright unusual.

To answer those needs, the Ugly Models came into the picture. An agency for models that specializes in strange-looking models and actors in London.

The Ugly offers the usual “guys” and “girls” similar to most agencies. But it has an extra category, which are namely, “thugs” (it is what you think), “twins”, “bikers”, “x-files” (commonly people with extreme amounts of body piercing or tattoos), “bodies” (bodybuilders) and “wee folks” (dwarves).

The 85-Year-Old Lingerie Model

In an era obsessed with beauty and youth, unusual models Daphne Selfe is a living reminder that both of them aren’t inextricably connected. In her 60th year of an extraordinary modeling career, this grandmother still has her long, lustrous – and unashamedly grey – hair, her graceful posture, and striking cheekbones. Selfe is Britain’s oldest catwalk model, gracing runways for Tata-Naka, Michiko Koshino, and Dolce & Gabbana at the age of 85.


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