These Animals Have Real-Life Superpowers That You Won’t Believe

These Animals Have Real-Life Superpowers That You Won’t Believe

With their array of powers and some very cool outfits to boot, superheroes are awesome. However, were you aware that there are animals whose abilities exceed those of feeble humans? Interaction with a couple of these super-powered heroes are very possible as well. Although, some of them choose to live in hard-to-access and isolated places, Animals have genuine and remarkable skills that will probably make you a bit envious.

Walking up hills is not a problem for an Alpine Ibex.

Alpine ibex can walk up hills.

In their search of salt deposits, these mountain goats have been spotted casually walking up nearly vertical cliff faces.

Gigantic hearts are what Blue Whales possess.

Blue whales have big hearts.

Since they’re known to be the the largest animals, it only makes sense that they have a humongous heart, but wait, there’s more! From the distance of two miles, you’ll still be able to hear their heartbeats.

Time favors the Cave Crayfish.

Cave crayfish can live for a really long time.

Looking at them, they don’t even look spectacular. However, the Cave Crayfish can live up to 175 years, while the regular ones only have a lifespan of approximately six to seven years.

Swallowing stones is a walk in the park for Crocodiles.

Crocodiles can swallow stones.

Swallowing large stones and making them stay in their stomachs forever is normal for Crocodiles. No one is quite sure as to why they do this, but one theory is that the weight aids them when diving.

Introducing, the Cuttlefish, masters of camouflage.

Cuttlefish are masters of disguise.

Aside from looking like baby Cthulhus, these cephalopods can mimic any shape and color of just about any sea creature out there.




Canines have the ability to detect cancer by their sense of smell.

Dogs can smell cancer.

We’re still discovering how to utilize their abilities for medical purposes, but dogs can identify the earliest traces of cancer via a person’s breath.

They’re not insomniacs, but Dolphins can stay awake all night.

Dolphins can stay up all night.

Due to their ability to put one half of their brains to sleep at any given time, Dolphins have been known to stay awake for 15 days.

Elephants can listen to sounds by using their feet.

Elephants hear with their feet.

They can pick up low-frequency sounds through the ground via the sensitive soles of their padded feet. They can also hear with their ears, too.

Jumping very, very far is a piece of cake for Fleas.

Fleas can jump really, really far.

Jumping up to 220 times their own body length is an ability the Fleas are born with.

The attacks of a Horned Lizard will totally freak you out.

Horned lizards have a freaky attack.

This lizard squirts blood out of its eyes as a defense mechanism.




“No water? No problem” said the Kangaroo Rats.

Kangaroo rats can go without water.

Some species of Kangaroo Rat have been observed going for five years without a drink. Going for 15 days without water is still pretty impressive, so there’s no need to be sad, Mr. Camel.

The Lyrebirds is the best beat-boxer in the world.

Lyrebirds can imitate just about anything.

These birds can imitate just about any sound. They also have the most advanced vocal cords in the world and they have really impressive tails, too.

Nothing is impossible for the Mantis Shrimp.

Mantis shrimp can do just about anything.

These bad boys have something like 16 color receptors — whereas humans have only three, they have trinocular vision, seeing from three areas of their eyes. They can also send out shock waves through the water that have been known to shatter aquarium glass using their pistol-like punch.

A Pigeon can recognize faces.

Pigeons remember faces.

They’re the only non-mammal among the six animal species that can perceive themselves in a mirror. Not only that, they can remember and recognize human faces, too.

Smelling ionizing radiation is just an average day for Rats.

Rats can smell ionizing radiation.The reason Rats developed this trait are still baffling scientists.




No place is too tight for Sea Cucumbers.

Sea cucumbers can get out of tight places.

They have the ability to slip right out tight places of by liquifying their bodies.

The Immortal Tardigrades.

Tardigrades are impossible to kill.

These things can survive the vacuum of space, super-high doses of radiation, and intense heat. They also haven’t evolved in billions of years. Yes, they are immortal.

This Hairy Frog has a bony weapon.

Named for its fringy additions, this frog can break off a nodule of sharp bone in its feet and push those sharp bits through its own skin for defense when threatened.

The Planarian Flatworm has a very long memory.

The Planarian flatworm remembers.

The Planarian Flat Worm has a very bizarre ability. If it got decapitated, it can grow a new head. In addition, the new head will retain every memory the the old head had.

Freezing temperatures is not a problem for Wood Frogs.

Wood frogs can withstand freezing.

If the Wood Frog’s blood freezes solid, it simply wakes up once it’s spring.

Now, if you get the feeling that you’re nothing in comparison with these creatures and their awesome skills, keep in mind that humans are vital among the billions of creatures living in and making up our wonderful planet, each with unique skills of their own. So, be glad that we have the privilege to share our homes with such fascinating beings.




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