Average Women Pose in Lingerie to Show that “Fat” Can be Sexy Too

Average Women Pose in Lingerie to Show that “Fat” Can be Sexy Too


Empoderarte Me is a lingerie photo series that is hoping to end the stigma that comes with the word fat.

Mariana Godoy was the one who put this series together. She says that she herself is fat and she wants to stop the negative connotation that is associated with that word. She is willing to do anything to accomplish her goal.

Fat can be as appealing as other body types. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Her photo campaign features plus-size women posing in lingerie.

These women exude confidence and beauty.




The goal is to erase the negativity that people hold against any body type not deemed perfect.

Godoy wants to encourage loving your body with Empoderarte Me.

Some of the pictures show women with words on their bodies that show their answer to fat shamers.

Godoy told The Huffington Post that “The fat woman is so sexy and beautiful. I want people to see that the word ‘fat’ is not an insult but a compliment. Being fat and loving your body is amazing”.

She has gained plenty of attention with her series. She has even received requests for interviews.




Godoy emphasizes that fat is beautiful and loving your own body is an amazing thing you can do for yourself.

Godoy says, “Being fat is a fight I have dealt with all my life. This is a fight I really want to win”.

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