These Babies Have More Gorgeous Hair Than Most Adults

These Babies Have More Gorgeous Hair Than Most Adults

Daily Mail Online wrote a story about Fergus Hillman, a six-month-old baby, whose parents said that his hair needs constant trimming. After the story became viral, hundred of parents shared photos of their babies with fabulous hairs.

Fergus Hillman

A proud dad exclaimed that his 7-month-old daughter’s thick hair is a head-turner. He states that passers-by stop them in the street to admire and ask questions about his daughter’s locks, while other babies on this list also boast their cascading curls that many adults would envy.

Here are some adorable photos of babies who are blessed with beautiful locks of hairs.

Vikki Dance‘s daughter, Gracie, sits on the throne with a bow in her hair.

A cute picture of Sarah Fortune Gill‘s daughter with a full crown of dark hair.


Michael Heng sent in this picture of his daughter with crazy hair.


This six-month-old is Annie Morris‘s son. He looks quite cheeky with his rock-star hairstyle.




Little Freddie who is just five months old looks pretty cute with his blond hair. Mother Jasmine Ryan says that Freddie was born with dark brown hair, but it turned to blond as he grew.

Little Benjamin surprised doctors and midwives with his impressive mane that they dubbed him as the ‘hairy baby.’

Nadine Courtney post a picture on her Instagram with a caption saying, “Probably not quitting my day job to become a baby hairstylist anytime soon.”

This is Mia with her mohawk hair style. According to her mom, the hairstyle would appear two minutes after bath time.


Vikki Blackholly sent this picture of Gracie Rose on the day she was born with ‘a mop of hair.’





Benjamin (left) was born with a full head of thick hair, but his non-identical twin, Leonardo (right), had a sparse covering of thin hairs.

Four-month-old Laura Lea, whose picture was sent in by her mother, Beth, has had her hair cut twice already.

According to his mom, Emma Brown, Barry, who has just turned two, had his first haircut at two-and-a-half months and now has it trimmed every two to three weeks.

With his dark mop of hair, Sonny looked adorable at just six hours old as he slept wrapped up in a blanket.


Little Summer, pictured at one-day-old, was born with a fluffy mane.




Colin says that his eight-month-old daughter Olivia Hartburn, born in December 2014, often gets comments from people about her hair and how she ‘looks like a doll.’


Theo Burton was born with a full head of head, and his mother, Indi, said the midwife told her it was the first baby she had delivered with so much hair.

“My son has just turned six months, and his hair is getting crazy,” said father Anthony Quinn.

Caitlin looks pretty in pink at nine months old. She has already had four haircuts.

This is Caitlin after she turned nine months.




Lydia Potter was born with dark hair in November 2014, and her hair hasn’t stopped growing.

Some babies emerge from the womb with a thick head of hair much to the surprise of their parents like Freya.


Nya Li, pictured at five months old, arrived six weeks early with a full head of beautiful dark curls.

Toby‘s parents have nicknamed him Spike because of his wild locks, pictured with his big brother Louca.


This blonde beauty had her long locks styled into three small bunches to keep her hair out of her face.




Proud mom Stacy sent in this photograph of her beautiful baby girl at four months old.


According to her mother, Barbara, Alyssa Rose, who is ten months old, was born with a lot of hair, and it has kept growing rapidly since.


Gracie Rose is pictured again in a more recent photograph that was also sent in by her mom, Vikki Blackholly.

At seven months old, Olivia’s hair falls over her face and reaches her shoulders.





With his wild hairstyle, Frankie wouldn’t look out of place in a glam rock band.

Olivia‘s hair looks soft and flowing at four months old.


Sal Porter‘s six-month-old daughter was born with a full head of hair and has to wear a clip to keep it out of her eyes.

Five-month-old Mabel with a hair-raising look. Photo sent by mom Donna Spencer.





Eddie Taylor could have a successful career ahead of him as an Elvis impersonator with that adorable quiff.

Ivy-Rose McLaughlin showing off her wavy locks at two weeks old.

Edie Rose Connor at three months.


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