This Baby Deer and Cute Rabbit Ended up Being Best Friends …AWW

This Baby Deer and Cute Rabbit Ended up Being Best Friends …AWW


An unusual friendship between a young deer and a rabbit was caught on video by Steve and Vicky Johnsen. They were just walking in Estes Park, Colorado, when they noticed something the two baby animals playing with each other. They were so cute together that Steve and Vicky Johnsen couldn’t stop looking and decided to take a video.

These two animals were probably meant to be best friends from the start. They’re just like two characters from the Disney classic, Bambi and Thumper, come to life. Bambi and Thumper were really sweet and friendly to one another and seeing this happen in real life, unscripted, is infinitely more satisfying. It’s basically proof that Disney movies are at least partly based in reality.

Check out the video about rabbit below:

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