Here are 14 Ridiculous College Majors You’ve Never Heard Of

Here are 14 Ridiculous College Majors You’ve Never Heard Of


One of the major decisions a student has to make is choosing a college degree. With most popular degrees offered in colleges and universities, ranging from law to philosophy to medicine, most high school graduates have acquired the fear of entering college. Some even came to the conclusion that, perhaps, they are not just college material after all.

But here’s some good news! Some accredited institutions of higher learning are now offering a legitimate degree in comedy or surfing. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Check out these fifteen college majors, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up changing your mind about not being a college material.



If you have what it takes to send your family and friends to laughsville, why not major in comedy in college? You can enroll at Emerson College in their four-year Comedic Arts program where you can learn the history of comedy, dating back to the Greeks and Romans. Here, you can also learn how to pull off that perfect skit.

Professional Nannying


Sullivan University offers a Professional Nannying program that trains its graduates the art of taking care of children who are not their own.



Have good persuasive communication skills? Then you should be an auctioneer! Make it a profession by enrolling at Harrisburg Area Community College where you take course covering audience communication, appraisals, fast talking, gavel knocking, and law.

Bowling Industry


If you’re into bowling, you may consider enrolling in Vincennes University’s associate’s degree program and learn everything you need to know about bowling, from pinsetter maintenance to pro-shop operations.



Carnegie Mellon has grabbed the distinction of being the only higher education institution to offer a major in bagpiping. In its twenty years of operation, the degree has graduated three students.




Theme Park Engineering

them park

Several institutions in the United States offer specialized training for designing roller coasters. We could only hope that they prioritize roller-coaster safety in their curriculum.



Unbelievable but true. An entire four-year program educating students how to create theatrical productions with hand-controlled dolls is offered somewhere on earth.

The Beatles

the beatle

A school in Liverpool, the Beatles’s hometown, is the only school in the world that offers master’s degree (yes!) with concentration on the celebrated group. In this program, students examine the significance of their music and the role their music plays in the construction of regional identities.



Plymouth University in England has a two-year degree program in Surf Science and Technology where you will learn surf culture, scientific techniques to coastal ecology, and the business involving the sport.

Fermentation Sciences


Without this degree program, you will never enjoy your delicious craft of beer. Graduates of this bachelor’s degree learn how to oversee the safe chemical breakdown of various indigestible goods.






A handful of technical colleges in the United States offer programs in firearm construction where you will learn how to read blueprints to construct and repair a wide range of crazy weapons.

Entertainment Engineering and Design


College students can now spend their college life learning how to create a whirring, buzzing, and flashing casino and an environment that compels people to continuously deposit dollar bills into slot machines.

Pop Culture

pop culture

Bowling Green State University offers a bachelor’s degree program in pop culture where students study society through “television programs, movies, cars, houses, music, museums, celebratory events, holidays, magazines, and other manifestations of culture insights.”



The Citrus Program in Florida Southern teaches specialized agricultural skills to students who want to study the crazy, sweet world of juices.

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