Biggest Selfie Fails of All Time

Biggest Selfie Fails of All Time


We take selfies to document the highs and lows of our lives. Basically, you can track the life events of a person just by looking at their social media account. Some are just plain showcasing of their daily activities, while other photos are hilarious in wild proportions.

Here are 100 unfortunate selfies that we found on the internet that are worth to look at just for fun.


 The camel really loves her.

 Road Rage Selfie

This reporter took a selfie right before disaster struck.

Check your surroundings before taking a quick snapshot.

 Selfie with the queen of England.




Close the door, please.

This girl is buying some weird stuff

Taking a selfie old school.

What is that pink thing. . .?


 Just another normal day.




This cat is not so photogenic.

Oops! You thought that it was her butt, didn’t you?


Just a cat taking a selfie.

That is some scary selfie.

The baby looks terrified.




Well said, my man.

The squirrel doesn’t like it when you take its picture.

Behind the scenes of the epic Oscar selfie: Liza Minnelli tried to get into the picture.

His girlfriend is his foot?

Amazing super selfie.




Whew! That was close.

Dos and Don’ts in taking a selfie in a wavepool.

Taking a selfie with banana.

This doll looks like grandma.

He actually owns a dollhouse.




Girl with his fat dad.

“Grandma, can you please take a picture of me?”

He is so manly with his Hello Kitty camera.

A lady who knows her fashion.

Again, check your surroundings before you take a selfie.




Mom caught daughter in a middle of a selfie.

Your blocking the shot!

“I will just stand here to look taller.”

Glad that she hit the right button.

Taking selfie with his old man.




A great way to start your morning is by drinking coffee and taking a selfie with a pooping dog.

Traffic, you say? Wait, how is she driving?

This grandma knows the recent trend.

Car is on fire? Better take a selfie before calling for help.

 Toilet paper roll model.




There’s no better time to take a selfie when your plane is on fire.

This baby looks scared as hell.

The thug life chose him.

Why does everyone take a selfie with a pooping friend?

“Take a selfie with me grandma.”




I’m not sure what he is.


Best parenting ever.

“Bae caught me sleeping. LOL”

The ultimate lawnmower selfie.

What an epic moment to post on your Facebook.




That cannot be their best angle.

That moment when your door bends in your selfies.


Take a selfie with your monitor!


Her hair is not only the disappointment of the day.

Better take a selfie of the back of my iPhone.




This dude looks so metal.

Taking selfie into a whole new position.

Taking a selfie — tattoo style!

Is she in a dumpster?

I have so many questions about this selfie.




Pour yourself down with chocolate, then take a selfie.

So close. . .

Geraldo Rivera just being himself.

Yeah, she looks pretty sad.

You’ll get there when you see it.




Another devastated girl attending a funeral.

His abs are so perfect.

How far exactly is Liverpool from England?

Don’t have a tab or phone? Use your laptop instead!


So badass.




Taking a selfie before putting out the fire.

If you look closely, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just Kim Kardashian and her sunburned face.

This guy has got swag.

Parenting done right.




What exactly causes the traffic?

This guy is living the life.

Taking a selfie with a homeless guy.

Your kids are right there!

 A selfie from a dating site.




Why not use a smaller camera?


This guy must be rich!


A proud mom smoking pot.

This girl is so badass.


Wear clothes that match your body.




Auschwitz Selfie. That is so sweet.

Can anyone really be this stupid?





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