30 Stupidest Belly Button Tattoos

30 Stupidest Belly Button Tattoos


In ancient history, belly button was believed to be the center of one’s soul. Our ancestors┬áthink of it as a place where life starts and ends. But, as time went by, so as their belief.

Today, people are making a fashion trend out of belly buttons. While others put piercings on it, others just try to have it tattooed because this is easier and more creative. Although most designs look good, others are just so disgusting, such as the tattoos presented below:

belly taturday nes

Fat Man Tattoo

belly taturday cat

belly taturday krang

monkey ass tattoo

belly taturday stick figures

belly taturday mouth




Belly Button Tattoo

belly taturday scar flower

Star Belly Button Tattoo

belly taturday dough

Belly Button Demon Tattoo

belly taturday buddha

belly taturday monkey




belly taturday russian

belly taturday fuel

belly taturday monster

Flames Belly Button Tattoo

belly taturday tiger

belly taturday breakfast




Tinkerbell Tattoo

belly taturday taz

belly taturday wwf

Navel Tattoo


Wings Belly Button Tattoo

belly taturday minion

Bart Simpson Tattoo




belly taturday hearts

belly taturday tap

What do you think about these tattoos? Did they give the belly button a whole new purpose? Regardless of what you think, these belly tattoos are just so hilarious.

Check out other belly button tattoo ideas in these videos:




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