Bizarre Car Accidents You Won’t Believe Happened

Bizarre Car Accidents You Won’t Believe Happened

Have you ever seen a car accident that would make you scratch your head? We compile pictures of funny, scary and sometimes bizarre car accidents. These pictures will make you question everything you know in physics (not much, I know, but still!). You won’t believe how these cars ended up where they are.

Enjoy the bizarre pictures below and remember to always drive safely!


funny car accident soccer ball


car rests on edge of bumper


car dangles over rail by front tires

funny accident dumpster

car sticks straight up

cars stacked like jenga

car balances on rail

car sticks straight up in the snow

car is embedded in roof


car wedged between railings

rammed between two other cars

car dangles over edge; overhead view

truck wedged behind poles

between a car and a pole

funny car accident


van is embedded upside down


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