Amazon Eve is the World’s Tallest Bikini Model

Amazon Eve is the World’s Tallest Bikini Model

It is a common fact that the Fashion Industry has a height requirement to be even considered to become a model.

However, one particular model made headlines when she officially held the record as the world’s tallest bikini model. The holder of this title is 30 year old American model named Amazon Eve.

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Known in the modeling world as Babezilla, this bombshell beauty stands at an outstanding 6ft 8 inches. Amazon Eve was recently featured in the Australian Men’s Magazine called Zoo Weekly. Her photo shoot with this famed magazine shows how she easily towers over the other models in the industry.


In an interview that was featured in the magazine, Amazon Eve shared:

“I am more than willing to overpower men and wrestle or box them if requested. I want my session to be fun yet challenging with the guys, and a memorable session that doesn’t cause injury.”

Although Amazon Eve hails from the Rendondo Beach in the United States of America, she is currently making waves in the Australian modeling scene. Other than her enormous height, her fiery red hair also causes her to stand out from the crowd. Other than modeling, her other interests include: fantasy wrestling, overpowering, role play, domination, scissors sessions, feats of strength, foot fetish, and tug of war.

Find out more about Babezilla and see how she lives her daily life as the world’s tallest model.


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