These Cities all Have Something Remarkable about Them

These Cities all Have Something Remarkable about Them

What makes a city beautiful? Landscape, architectural style, cleanliness, peacefulness, and colors. Nothing exceeds a city than one that is colorful. Here are ten of the most colorful cities in the world.

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1. City of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Saint John city


The Saint John City in New Brunswick province is the oldest incorporated city in Canada. Located in the beautiful bay of Fund, the City of Saint John is widely popular for its brightly colored downtown row houses, a good reason why many tourists are attracted to the city.

The multicolored houses in the downtown area are known as ‘Jellybean Rows.’ Houses had been painted in bright colors to keep the beauty even in foggy weather. If you happen to walk through the streets in this city, you’ll find that all houses have a unique color.

2. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

Bo-Kaap is a historical and colorful suburb situated in the foot of signal hill in Cape Town. The residential area is known for its brightly colored houses that showcase both Georgian and Dutch architectural styles and narrow cobblestone streets.

This colorful place also comes with a colorful history. During sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Dutch imported a number of slaves from Malaysia, Indonesia, and other African countries to Cape Town, and they came to be known as Cape Malays. In 1760, slaves were given the privilege to lease a number of houses in this area, which in turn, the slaves painted in bright colors to express their freedom and happiness.


3. Willemstad, Curacao

Willemstad, the capital city of Curacao, is a world heritage city renowned for its rich history and colorful government buildings, shopping centers, private homes, restaurants, and business buildings.

This coloring tradition in the city was started by Gen. Gov. Albert Kikkert. During his charge in the nineteenth century, he suffered from migraines and believed that the sunlight’s reflection from Willemstad’s white building caused him his health problem. General Governor Kikkert then ordered to paint all buildings in the downtown area in the city with bright colors. Some of those buildings still stand today and continue to attract thousands of visitors every year.

4. Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India


The second-largest city in the Rajasthan, Johdpur, is also known as The Blue City because of its bright blue–washed houses in the city. This colorful metropolis encircles the popular Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur, with more than a hundred colorful houses enclosed by a wall in the city.

The Brahmins, the priestly caste of India, are said to have begun the tradition. They painted their houses with bright blue color to set their houses apart from people of other castes. Later on, the rest of the members of other castes in the city followed this tradition.

The blue houses in Jodhpur are symbols of the people’s resilience against the scorching heat of the Thar Desert surrounding the town. The blue painting also keeps their houses cool and prevents mosquitoes.

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