Here are the Most Practical Fashion Trends For Full-Figured Women

Here are the Most Practical Fashion Trends For Full-Figured Women

Clothing is a very essential factor to consider in plus-size fashion, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear flabby and stereotype clothes to hide your full figure. You can always make a full display and take ownership of your body because nowadays, more clothing companies are shifting their focus on plus-size women and are coming up with realistic designs for women to love their body more.

If you are have a full figured body and you don’t know where to start sprucing up yourself to be on trend, take our tips on the ten of the most practical fashion ideas for full figured women like you.

1. Consider the Prints

Wear classic designs and solid colors instead of fussy prints and finicky swatches. Busy prints give you a more childish look while solid ones appear to be elegant and chic.

2. Keep Your Accessories in Scale


Take your accessories in proportion, small pieces of trimmings will bring focus to your body in comparison, so take heavier accessories instead.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Buy When You Find The Right One


Go with your intuition and don’t miss a clothing that you think would look good on you.


4. Dark Colors Conceal

Color is a great camouflage to weight as it wanes out your heavy parts and make them appear a little smaller. Stay away from light colors that would emphasize the parts of your body you want to be unseen.

5. Wear V-Neck Tops

Blouses or dresses with V-necklines work wonders for plus-size women. If you are comfortable with showing off a little skin, go ahead and make it work for you.

6. Too Much Detail Is Not Good

Jeans with embroidery, studs and fancy designs tend to rear pockets while heavily designed sleeves can beef up your arms. Keep it low key unless the design complements the best parts of your body.


7. Not Too Baggy

Keeping it simple does not mean you cannot show off your curves. Take cue from Kim Kardashian and how she made body con dresses work for her figure.

8. Wear Longer Tops

Longer tops do not only cover your belly, they tend to elongate your torso and make you appear a little slimmer.

9. Avoid Clothes That are Too Tight

Yes, you can wear body con dresses, but don’t get to the point where your bellies are molding out on your dress because they can only exaggerate your weight.

10. Try High or Low Waists

When wearing a skirt, choose high-waist ones that can cover up your waistline and accentuate your curves. If you opt to wear pants, lower waist can be a good choice as it tends to hide your hips.


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