A Compilation of Cute Baby Bears

A Compilation of Cute Baby Bears


Better known as panda bear, the panda is a huge bear that is native to South Central China. Its distinctive feature is its black patches around the eyes and all over the body.

Although they eat meat, 99% of the panda’s diet consists of bamboo.

These pandas are among the most magical creatures on the planet. While their blood is used in traditional medicine, their poop is used to make tea. A panda-tea excrement normally sells around $200 per cup.

Because they have a bad eyesight, scientists say that they use their black and white fur to look for each other in bamboo forests when mating.




To date, there are only less than 1,600 pandas in the wild. Due to habitat loss and hunting, their population is threatened, making them an endangered species. Regardless, they are still very adorable creatures.


Find out why they are so adorable in the following videos:


The panda bears aren’t the only cute bear species on Earth. Check out these other adorable baby bears:






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