Charming Animals Who Are Ready for the Winter

Charming Animals Who Are Ready for the Winter


Staying warm seems to a piece of cake for us human beings as aside from our bodies, we do have our clothes and other specially made equipment to do the warming for us.

That is not entirely the case for our furry little friends.

They may have more than enough body covering to keep them warm, but with temperatures dropping colder each year, they need all the heat they could get. And it does not come as a surprise that several manufacturers of pet items are doing their part to keep our lovable pets warm specially during the cold weather.

Here are just some of the ingenious ways they keep themselves nice and toasty for a cold day.

All set!

Guess someone has to play Rudolph during the Christmas dinner.

 This is the life!

I’ve found a good use for that air vent!

Technology ain’t so bad.




Underneath the smallest tanning booth in the world.

Tell me this looks good on me.

Looks like Rudolph won’t be joining Santa today.

Just warming the air vent up

Snuggling never looked this adorable.




Doggie Burrito, anyone?

Curled up and cozy.

Dinner date, anyone?

Cute. Fluffly. Warm. What more could you ask for?

So, that’s what happened to my sleeve.




With my favorite blanket, Blankie!

Winter fun!

Fancy going for a walk?

The perfect cuddle buddies!

 Guess Mary won’t have hard time looking for them.




Check out other adorable creatures who just happened to love the snow.


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