Ultrasound Scan Goes Viral After a Demon-Like Figure Is Spotted Beside the Baby

Ultrasound Scan Goes Viral After a Demon-Like Figure Is Spotted Beside the Baby

When 2016 started, a photo made rounds online. It shows a demon-like figure hovering over an unborn in an ultrasound scan.

Days after it went viral, another mind-boggling photo came out. Kelly Lewis, a 26-year-old mother, wanted to balance good and evil by showing her own ultrasound taken three years ago. She strongly believes that it was an angel’s face smiling above her baby.

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Kelly said that a friend of hers pointed out to her the cherub’s face in the scan. “My friend saw the scan of the demon and it reminded him of my baby scan taken in 2012,” she recalled. “It looks just like an angel is leaning over my baby, with a cherub face as well hovering over the baby. It’s so clear, no one could believe their eyes when they saw it.”

When her baby was born, she called her Harper, which came from the word for a person who plays the harp.

Kelly also shared how amazing her pregnancy was. After knowing about the heavenly-like figure in the ultrasound, she had been made to feel her daughter is blessed. “People said it looked like someone leaning over her keeping her safe. She is such a well behaved little girl, it’s like she has been blessed,” she explained.


After seeing the photos of the alleged demon watching over the baby, she wanted to share her ultrasound as an antidote. “It’s a lovely thing to have,” she stated.

The viral photo, which was uploaded on Imgur, would first appear like just an image of an innocent unborn child sleeping soundly in his mother’s womb. However, if you look at the rightmost part of it, you can see something really bothersome—a grainy outline of a being that appears like a woman.


The image has received mixed comments. While many think the figure is a Hindu goddess, others believe it is a demon. Some also say it is a mermaid.



Since the photo was uploaded, it has been viewed over 500,000 times.


Actually, this weird occurrence isn’t the first when it comes to ultrasounds. Last year, a woman was surprised to see her dead grandfather kissing her baby in a 4-D scan.


Also, in a six-month scan, John Reynolds and Yvonne Spence saw a ghostly figure. Although it was as clear as day, they said they could not recognize the face.6

Another surprising ultrasound scan was that of Leanne Sullivan who can clearly see her unborn little girl with a dinosaur head looking over her.

These photos are indeed mind-boggling enough to catch people’s attention. While they may be considered bizarre and worth talking about, for all the mothers like Kelly Lewis, nothing is more important than their infant’s safety.

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