Disney’s Incredible Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Disney’s Incredible Typhoon Lagoon Water Park


Summer is finally here!

It is time to whip out those swimming gears and enjoy your time under the sun. If you haven’t had planned your next trip, you can explore Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park — you perfect summer refuge.

Located in Lake Buena Vista near Orlando, Florida, the water theme park is home to one of the world’s largest outdoor wave pools.

The resort is adorned with the theme of a typhoon-ridden pristine tropical paradise. Ships, fishing gears, and even surfboards are scattered all around the resort to give it the realistic effect of the aftermath of a typhoon.

Typhoon Lagoon features their centerpiece — a shrimp boat named “Miss Tilly”, which is impaled on “Mount Mayday” that shoots up 15-meter geyser of water every half hour. This is usually followed by the bells of Miss Tilly.

Mount Mayday features attractions such as “Humunga Kowabunga”, a three five-story enclosed speed slides that plunges riders at the speeds of 39 mph downward; “Storm Slides” which has three body slides (Jib Jammer, Stern Burner, and Rudder Buster) with three-story  twisting, winding channels that lead into a splash pool at the bottom; and the “Gang Plank Falls”, a raft ride which families can enjoy with large four-person inner tubes.

You can also visit their “Mayday Falls” which packs a tube slide flume with a winding channel for a ‘rough rapids’ feel while the “Keelhaul Falls” gives you smoother ride which spirals down through a water fall and cave.

For sightseeing, you can access their “Forgotten Grotto”, a cave walkway through Mount Mayday, and the “Overlook Pass”, also a walkway, but across the slopes of the mountain with small waterfalls.






You could also hang out in their “Hideaway Bay” (formerly known as “Out of the Way Cay”) and experience their sandy white beaches that is adjacent to their “Crush ‘n’ Gear” ride.

This water coaster ride will take you through hairpin turns and drop-offs. It can also accommodate three people at a time with a choice of water coaster slide that includes the “Banana Blaster”, “Coconut Crusher”, or “Pineapple Plunger”. However, it has a height restriction of 48″ or taller.

The Typhoon Lagoon itself is the largest section of the water park, and it features a surf pool which produces 6-foot waves every 90 seconds. Surrounding the pool are “Bay Slides” that are specifically designed for toddlers; the “Blustery Bay” and “Whitecap Cove”, the zero-depth entry tidal pools; and the “Learn to Surf”, where you will receive a two-and-a-half-hour surfing lessons, courtesy by Craig Carroll’s Cocoa Beach Surf School.

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy their “Shark Reef” where you will snorkel through an unheated, saltwater reef filled with various types of underwater creatures, including stingrays, bonnethead sharks, leopard sharks, and tropical fishes. “S.A.S Adventure”, on the other hand, gives you a different feel as the Shark Reef. Using a pony tank, a small regulator, and a buoyancy vest, you can get a 30-minute “Surface Air Snorkeling” experience.

If you don’t want to get wet, you can always admire their reefs through the “Sunken Tanker”, a viewing area through tanker portholes.

You can also take a trip around the park through their “Castaway Creek”, a 2,100-foot lazy river that continually flows and encircles the entire resort. You will be rewarded with views of gentle waterfalls, lush rainforests, mist screens, and Mt. Mayday throughout the whole tour. Inner tubes will be provided for the visitors to enjoy.








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