DIY Rainbow Fan That Will Brighten Up Any Room

DIY Rainbow Fan That Will Brighten Up Any Room

Because it’s summer and it’s getting hot in here, it’s time to turn on those fans! But, look at that boring, old fan, who would want to look at that all day? Liven your fan up by adding some color to the blades and you’ll have the coolest fan in the neighborhood.

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– a paint can opener or any other flat tool
– scissors
– spray paint in red, yellow, and blue
– drop cloth or newspaper to protect your floor from paint
– painter’s tape
– a regular fan (I got one for $19.99 at Target!)
– a razor


1. Take the blade out and cover the middle part with a painter’s tape.

2. Using your flat tool, smoothen down the painter’s tape. Make sure the edges are FLAT as they can be!

3. To have a better surface for painting, carefully cut pieces of the tape that overlap onto the fan blade.


4.  Make sure to cover your workspace with cloth. Spray the first blade with red spray paint, don’t hold the paint to close and spray evenly. Spraying too close will make a mess and the paint will be too thick. Just use a thin layer paint. To dry, let the blade sit for about 45 minutes.

5. Use cardboard, newspaper or whatever materials you have to cover the other 2 blades. Spray the second blade with yellow paint. Then let it sit and dry for 45 minutes.

6. Now, spray the third blade. But you have to cover the two blades again before spraying the last unpainted blade. Paint the third blade with your blue spray paint, and allow it to dry for 45 minutes.

7. After the paint on the blades dry, you can now remove the painter’s tape from the center. If you want to add more colors or if you want do some more touch ups, use paint brush not the spray can or else you’ll be waiting for another 45 minutes. Touch them up by hand, it’ll be easier.

8. Attach the blades back to the center and re-assemble your fan.

What a cool idea! i will try it out!17 Great Craft Ideas


9. Now, it’s time to see the fruit of your labor.  Turn on the fan!!


Watch the complete instructions in the videos below


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