The Perfect Treat – Rainbow Slush

The Perfect Treat – Rainbow Slush

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What You’ll Need:

– Otter Pops (Especially red, orange, green, blue and purple)
– Trifle bowl
– Scissors
– A blender
– A small bowl


What to Do:

Separate your ice pops into colors. You’ll need the obvious main rainbow colors. Don’t worry if you don’t have yellow, some of the colors will blend together to make the perfect rainbow.

Start with the last color in the rainbow – purple. Six ice pops of each color should be enough. However, if you are going to make a bigger batch, go ahead and add as many as you think you need. Mash all the ice pops together in a separate bowl than the one you’ll be serving your slush in.

Pour the mashed purple ice pops into your serving dish.  Then, grab a fork  and mush all of the  the chopped up ice pops to the bottom, making an even layer of crushed ice.

Here’s a tip: While you’re mashing the next color, place your serving dish in the freezer. Keep this routine going for every single color.

AND Repeat! Do this until all of the colors/layers are complete!


Once you’re all done with the layering, place the entire serving bowl in the freezer for approximately two hours. Then, take the bowl out and allow it to sit at room temperature for more or less 10 minutes before serving.

A little tip for adults: You can also add a splash of vodka after each layer for a more grown up beverage.



Watch the complete directions in the clip below

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