The Dolphins and Their Superpowers

The Dolphins and Their Superpowers

Dolphins are marine mammals that are known to be really playful, intelligent, and friendly. Although they are closely related to the porpoises and the whales, they have distinctive abilities and characteristics, which makes them unique from the rest. Here are some of them:

Electroreception and Magnetic Sense

According to scientists, the dolphins are capable of locating various objects, regardless of the distance, through electroreception. This is an ability that is quite similar to that of the bats, in which they are able to detect objects through sound waves that bounce back.

Aside from that, dolphins have an excellent sense of magnetic field, which is more or less similar to the GPS. It helps them find they way in the depths of the waters. Also, they have an good eyesight, helping them move easily and smoothly.



One thing that you should know about dolphins is their unique ability of resting while being awake. While resting, they actually shut down half of their brain one at a time.

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In contrast to the common belief that everybody feels pain, dolphins really don’t. It has been proven that they do their usual routines like playing, eating, and swimming, even after they got serious injuries. They only feel pain for a couple of minutes. And then, after a few minutes, their body will produce natural painkillers that help them overcome pain.



Dolphins don’t actually heal their wounds. Instead, they regenerate. For instance, a basketball-sized would takes weeks to regenerate. After which, there will be no visible scars or marks. Also, they don’t bleed out because they are capable of constricting their blood flow.



Aside from not feeling pain and controlling blood flow, dolphins are not prone to infections as well. As a matter of fact, even if they have open wounds, they can swim in bacterial waters without being infected. This is because they have a great immune system that produces natural antibiotics, thus, keeping them protected from infection.


Obviously, dolphins are amazing creatures. They have lots of unique characteristics, we all can admire.


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