Will Dubai Build an Underwater Tennis Court …This Could be EPIC

Will Dubai Build an Underwater Tennis Court …This Could be EPIC

Dubai is home to the brightest engineers in the world, and they could build almost anything—even an underwater hotel. Have you heard of the Atlantis Underwater Suites? No, we’re not talking about the lost city. It is a room in the Burj al Arab situated 66 feet under water. Amazing, right? But what makes things more interesting here is that the hotel is planning to build a tennis court in this underwater hotel room.

While technical details on the project are relatively light, it would sit in a shallow bay and be part-buried into the sea bed



If you think it’s not possible, Dubai says no. In fact, they already have the whole construction process planned. This innovative idea was presented by Polish architect Krysztof Kotala who has a laundry-list of degrees that show you he means business when he says he wants to put a giant piece of glass on top of seven different tennis courts. The plan is to place the court at the bottom of the Persian Gulf, in between the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah islands. As you already know, the Burj al Arab is the world’s only seven-star hotel located in Dubai. It is also the only one in the world that offers underwater rooms, where guests can see plenty of fish and aquatic animals from their quarters. They plan to put the giant piece of glass on top so that fish and other aquatic animals will still be visible from inside the tennis court.

If they’re really serious planning on building this underwater tennis court, it would cost billions. But it’s a common knowledge that people in Dubai have more than that, so it won’t be a problem. The people behind the project came up with it because they want to move The Grand Slam event in Dubai, although recent reports claim that the event will be held in the Australian Open or in China or one of the rich countries of the United Arab Emirates. So chances are, the major isn’t going anywhere near the Burj al Arab, not to mention the seven courts aren’t nearly enough to handle the amount of matches that take place during the first week of a Slam. Nevertheless, if Dubai can handle it, then why not.

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