These Exceptionally Bendy People Will Make Your Jaw Drop …Wow!

These Exceptionally Bendy People Will Make Your Jaw Drop …Wow!

The way they bend and sway is completely unbelievable. These people can twist and turn in an extreme way without ending up looking very pained. However, they’re professionals, and they’re certainly not seeing it as a hard stunt because they’ve practiced their craft. Below are sixteen incredibly bendy people who bend their bodies beyond belief.

The Contortionist Archer

Lilia Stepanova can shoot an arrow from a bow to a target from a distance using only her feet and toes. This extremely flexible and talented contortionist isn’t afraid of weapons or heights.

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The Record-Breaking Contortionist

The 31-year-old Zlata, whose real name is Julia Günthel, has broken three Guinness world records. The doctors who examined her found out that her ligaments were as flexible as those of an infant. This amazing contortionist was born in Kazakhstan, but she chose Germany to be the place where she’ll spend most of her career. She is considered to be the most flexible woman in the world.

Just a Typical Morning

If this is how this flexible woman spends her time in the kitchen and drinking coffee. Her family might freak out seeing her this way, unless they’ve gotten used to it.

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Do You Even Stretch, Bro?

Well, one thing is for certain, she freaked out a couple of people who were probably at the park. Look at her position, even the most athletic person can’t stretch that way!

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Just “Hanging Out”

It’s just another lovely day to walk around the city. You’re enjoying yourself when suddenly, you come across the 2012 Britain’s Got Talent semifinalist Leilani “Lucky” Franco. If you didn’t know, Franco is a British contortionist and a Guinness Book of World Records certificate recipient for doing the fastest contortion of rolling over a distance of 65 ft. and for traveling a distance of 65 ft. in a back-bent position.

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This guys look like he’s a different species. However, we have seen human beings who are equally as flexible as him, especially in this list, but it still looks awkward.

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Okay, Who Twisted Me into a Pretzel?

Now we all know that she contorted her body into this extreme position, but her surprised expression makes it look like she has no idea how she got into this predicament.

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He Certainly Had Everyone’s Attention

The Rubberboy, Daniel Browning Smith, was talking to the audience at his typical day at work. Smith is an American contortionist who owns a total of seven Guinness world records, including the title for the most flexible person in history.

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Grandma Still Got It!

Christa McKenna was a former Playboy model as well as a world-famous contortionist who was once dubbed the Spider Lady. Unfortunately, McKenna has resorted to using her flexible abilities to earn some money on the streets due to things not turning out quite well for her.

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Looks Pretty Painful

Now if you’re doing stretches and yoga with this guy, we can only imagine what that would be like. Russian contortionist Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev may be 51 years old, but his flexibility is still there. He has even appeared with Cirque du Soleil due to this amazing talent.

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Perform in the Streets

We wish we could have been there to personally see him perform. This contortionist was spotted at South Seaport in New York City in September 2004. He certainly had no problem while trying to pull off the stunt, and he amazed the crowd.

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I Need to Trim My Nails

She’s just comfortably checking out her nails while being in this extreme position. Hell, it doesn’t even seem to bother her one bit. We’d all be shouting and crying in pain if we try to do the position she’s in, but she’s just being relaxed about it. How does she even do that?

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Want to Play Pool?

If you want to play a game of pool with this girl, just know that it won’t be fair. Look at her, the fact that she can actually contort her body over the table is more than one advantage she has in her arsenal. bendy people

Hands of Flexibility

This may look like an easy and simple task, but if you try to perform this act at home, you might end up with a broken finger. Not everyone has flexible legs or back like the numerous contortionists on this, but others do have extremely bendy fingers.

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The Chubby Contortionist

This man stands as an evidence that you don’t have to be thin in order to contort and bend your body at will. People who are overweight can be flexible too. However, once they untangle themselves from their contorted positions, they might need aid from someone.

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It’s Not What It Looks Like

The woman in the picture appears to be incredibly flexible. However, those aren’t really her legs. As a matter of fact, she’s actually wearing a costume for Halloween.

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Pretty incredible, huh? This list has been a blast, and it’s just amazing how these people do what they do. This list has certainly been bendy and flexible all the way to the end.

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