Photos of Elderly People Getting Married Prove It’s Never Too Late

Photos of Elderly People Getting Married Prove It’s Never Too Late


These elderly couples prove that it is never too late for a new romantic chapter in their lives and get married.

Ageless Love

After he lost his wife in a car accident on their wedding anniversary, 97-year-old John Deurwaarder‘s loneliness and depression struck him that he had to be moved into an assisted living facility in his hometown in Vancouver, Canada. There he met 78-year-old Alta Lunsford during choir practice. “She built me up and gave me a purpose in life,” John said.

Five months later, John and Alta got married.

Crazy in Love Even After All These Years

After being divorced for forty-eight years, 85-year-olds Lena Henderson and Roland Davis rekindled their love for each other and remarried and are hoping that this time, it will be forever.

I Better Stand for This


When 98-year-old Ted Parsons proposed to his 90-year-old girlfriend, Jean Reed, he didn’t get down on one knee. “If I had gone down on one knee, I would have needed help to get up again.”

100 and Just Married

Bill Strauss, 87, and Dana Jackson, 100, shared a romantic kiss after saying their “I dos.” Both have been residents of the Rosewood Senior Living Facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

United in the United Kingdom


James Mason, 93, and Peggy Clark, 84, got married in 2007.




Wedding Day: Take 2


Wu Conghan, 101, and Wu Songshi, 103, got married in Nanchong, China, in 1924 with no pictures to prove of their wedding. Eighty-eight years later, the couple posed for the pictures they didn’t have on their big day.

Legally Married, At Last

Vivian Boyak, 91, and Nonie Dubes, 90, are two women from Davenport, Iowa, who have spent their lives under one roof for seventy-two years. With the passage of same-sex marriage in 2009, the couples decided to get married.

A Dream Wedding Fulfilled

Manuel and Geneva Freeman were married in a rush wedding at a Kentucky courthouse. It was a ceremony without any bridal party, wedding rings, or a cake since Manuel had to leave to serve in World War II. Seventy years later, the couple’s daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters organized a renewal ceremony for them. And not only that, with that special day filled with flowers, white linens, a wedding cake, and of course wedding rings, their dream wedding had finally been realized.

Storybook Ending

Carol Harris and George Raynes, both 85, first met during a high-school production of Sleeping Beauty in 1963. George eventually had to move away, got married, and started a family. Nevertheless, they always kept in touch with each other. A few months after his wife died, George visited his hometown to rekindle his friendship with Carol, who had remained single. From friendship, they fell in love with each other and married a few months later.

By George! And Doreen!

Doreen Luckie, 91, and George Kirby of East Sussex, England, are in a twenty-seven-year relationship and have been incessantly pressed by their elderly children before they decided to tie the knot. They got married after George’s 103rd birthday, making him Britain’s oldest groom.




Assisted Loving

Eighty-four-year-old Betty Hill had been single all her life until she met Alton Nichols, 91, at her senior living complex in Syracuse, New York. On their wedding day, Alton misplaced the marriage license and ring that their ceremony was delayed.

Togther for 55 Years . . . and Counting

After the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, George Harris, 82, and Jack Evans, 85, wasted no time to tie the knot. They became the first gay couple to get married in Dallas, Texas.

A Wedding 80 Years in the Making

Jose Manuel Riella, 103, and Martina Lopez, 100, of Paraguay eloped in 1933 and lived together and bore eight children. After eighty years of “living in sin,” the couple finally got married in the presence of their children, fifty grandchildren, thirty-five great-grandchildren, and twenty great-great-grandchildren.

Record Holders

Allan Marks, 100, and Lilian Hartley, 97, got married after eighteen years of being together. They are California’s oldest newlyweds.

Just Hitched


An 86-year-old bride and a 94-year-old groom shares some sweet moments by themselves after their wedding ceremony.


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