An Emotional Dance Between a Groom and His Mom with ALS

An Emotional Dance Between a Groom and His Mom with ALS

Luke Rheault had the most heartwarming dance in his life that brought his guests and his mom into tears during his wedding day.

Luke and his wife Kristeena walked the altar November of 2008 at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm beach,Florida. The video however, was posted by Kristeena just a couple of months ago to YouTube.

As seen in the video, Luke softly grabbed his mom Rebekah sitting in a wheelchair to the middle of the dance floor when the music begins to play. He kneeled down as he slowly spins the wheelchair around so his mom can see the people around them and whispered words to her ear every now and then.





“I remembered feeling uncomfortable standing above her for the few moments of the dance. I got down on my knees and danced with her.” Luke mentioned on one of his interviews.

During the dance, a great display of affection was shown as his mother was tearing up and the groom was kissing her forehead, wiping her tears. At the end of the emotional dance, everyone cheered for the touching move this groom did to make his mom feel special and loved on his special day.






His mother has been diagnosed with ALS a year before the wedding and wistfully, less than a year after the emotional mother and son dance, Rebekah died.

According to Luke, “I found myself reliving all that this woman did for me, everything that she embodied as a mother and everything she taught me to be.”

If a man treats his wife the way he treats his mother, he surely makes a good husband to his pretty bride.

Watch this video below.



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