Jennifer Lawrence’s Amazing Childhood Friendship With 23-Year-Old With Down Syndrome

Jennifer Lawrence’s Amazing Childhood Friendship With 23-Year-Old With Down Syndrome

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Add a childhood friendship with Andy Strunk, who has Down Syndrome, to the list of reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is not only a phenomenal actress but a great person as well.

At the 2013 Oscar Awards, Lawrence won for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, and per usual, she was charming viewers and guests of the award show all night. But Jennifer wasn’t dawning a Hollywood hunk on the red carpet, she decided to take her friend Andy with her as her date.”It’s the best night of my life,” Strunk told the Courier Journal.  Strunk, who is 23, has been friends with her since they were both students at Kammerer Middle School. “We are like best friends,” Strunk told reporters. “She’s kind… I think she has spirit.”



In more recent days, Strunk is still Jennifers biggest fan. He follows her acting career, runway fashion and love life, and she often sends him presents in the mail in return. Recently, Andy was lucky enough to receive an autographed Silver Linings Playbook poster! According to reports, Strunk keeps a big collection of movie memorabilia featuring the star and his best friend in his bedroom. Andy says, he always can’t wait to see her on TV and the big screen, for which he usually dresses up in a tuxedo for.


This just goes to show that no matter how famous or rich anyone gets, it’s the childhood memories and friendships that will always last a lifetime.




In a YouTube video, Strunk and his mom talk about Jennifer, who lived in their same neighborhood when both of the kids were growing up.


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