Exotic Animal Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Exotic Animal Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Tattoos have been an important part of man for centuries. The purpose of tattooing varies from culture to culture. Tattoos have always been important parts in rituals and traditions. Every tattoo design has different meaning. A tattoo is essentially a symbol, the status of certain individuals or of a certain class. In the past, a person can’t get an “eagle” tattoo if he or she is not a warrior.

In these modern times, tattoos are still part our lifestyle. Tattoos may not be as important as they once were, but these arts certainly have improved (aesthetically).

In this list, we collected the coolest exotic wild animal tattoos ever done that will inspire you to get one of your own. Here are the coolest exotic animal tattoos.

1. Elephant

The true beauty of a pachyderm.

2. Monkey

Andy Serkis’s tattoo made us think twice about monkeys.

3. Red Panda

A red panda wearing driving goggles.

4. Kinkajou

Kinkajous love honey, so much so that they’re nicknamed “honey bears.”


5. Fennec Fox

A cute fennec fox.




6. Peacock

Taking “peacocking” to another level.

7. Giraffe

This is a perfect tattoo idea for anyone who loves it when strangers just come at them with uncapped Sharpies.

8. Crocodile

Showcasing the beauty and danger of crocodiles.

9. Stork

Storks are great for (a) delivering babies, (b) making pickles, and (c) looking totally sweet as tattoos.

10. Koala

Tiggy’s koala makes us wish to have one as pet.




11. Chameleon

Not changing color? Lame.

12. Turtle

Just a turtle munching strawberries.

13. Jaguar

Unlike the car, real jaguars never stop running, not until you’re dead.

14. Rhinoceros

A rhino who went to places and met a lot of creatures.

15. Lion

A beautiful piece of fierce art.


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