Retired Marine Stops Armed Robbery with Bare Hands

Retired Marine Stops Armed Robbery with Bare Hands

A retired marine is now hailed a superhero after he jumped into a robbery scene in a 7-Eleven store.

On Fox and Friends Weekend, Curtis Jackson explained how the frightening situation started. He said he went into a 7-Eleven store in Manhattan to use the restroom before starting his shift. However, he noticed that the cashier’s hands was already in the air. He recalled that a man was standing in front of the cashier, while holding something that looked like a gun.

“A lot of things ran through my mind in that split second and I didn’t want to be another victim along with the cashier, because the cashier was already a victim. I didn’t want to be a victim,” he stated.




In the surveillance video, Jackson is seen sneaking down in one of the aisles of the stores just to get behind the robber. He immediately grabbed the man’s arm and tried taking what he believed was a gun. Then he pushed him against the wall.

At first, he told the robber to stop moving. When he didn’t follow as told, he pinned him on the ground. Jackson confined the robber until the cops finally arrived. He shared that his Marine training helped him a lot in overcoming the situation.

Watch the actual footage below.


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