Exotic Animals that are Raised as Pets

Exotic Animals that are Raised as Pets


Animals are really adorable creatures. But, there are those that are too cute that you would not think about them as exotic. Although it is difficult to raise them at home, there are still lots of animal-lovers from all across the world that takes good care of them.

Nevertheless, we present you some of the world’s exotic animals that are made pets:

Sugar Glider


The sugar glider is a native to Australia. It got its name from its ability to glide between trees.

Slow Lory


Known for its huge eyes, the Slow Lory is a small primate that is common in the Asian continent.



The Tamandua is an adorable creature that is common in South and Central America. Its diet consists primarily of meat and fruits.



Often confused with a kangaroo, the Wallaby is a small marsupial that inhabits the regions of Australia.

Fennec Fox


The Fennec fox is a native of the Sahara. Its most distinctive feature is its huge ears.




Squirrel Monkey


The squirrel monkey is a small creature that is common in Central and South America. Its name is derived from its out-of-this-world energy.

Bush Baby


The Bush baby is a nocturnal creature. It is known to be very curious. Sadly, it is now listed as an endangered animal.


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