Girl’s Heartwarming Message to Those Who Call her Retarded

Girl’s Heartwarming Message to Those Who Call her Retarded

What is retarded? It is usually a medical term for person who move or proceed at a less rapid pace. Oftentimes, the term is used for people who are mentally defective and underachievers.

To call someone retarded is an insult to the ingenuity of a person which is, unfortunately, commonly used as a description to less able people. The which is created for the benefit of persons with intellectual disabilities call the term as offensive, derogatory and incorrect.

They further noted that calling someone “retarded” fosters loneliness, spreads hurt and ignores individuality.

Isabella wants everyone to know she is not retarded just because she looks and thinks different than a normal human being. She is reaching out online to let everyone know how beautiful she is on her own way in her message:

“Please don’t use the word Retarded. I am a beautiful person, I am Isabella”


There are always a lot of people out there who are less able than we are but that does not mean they cannot do excellent things. In fact, most of these disabled people transcend to be on top of their game because when they do something they really love,  they do it with passion, purpose and heart. Calling them retarded would only imply they are less valued members in the community which is definitely degrading their capabilities.

If you agree with Isabella, spread her message and let it be known that no one can call you or label you with hurtful words just because you are unique and you strive to be more than ordinary.

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Learn the damaging impacts of calling someone “retarded” on the videos below:


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