Facial Hairstyles That Men Should Definitely Try

Facial Hairstyles That Men Should Definitely Try


Facial Hair is quite common in men.

Men typically start growing hair during the later years of puberty or adolescence. The context of growing one’s facial hair differs from culture to culture but has been widely accepted as a sign of virility and wisdom. Facial hair can come in a variety of appearances and texture which can range from the bushy to the bristly.

They can be formed into a range of styles that can start from the typical mustaches to the side burns. Although this may come as a natural physiological change, some men are quite happy to rid their face of any hairy obstacles. However, there several ways that men can wear their facial hair and the examples below are definitely a must try depending on how well you can manage each.

1. “The Johnny Depp”


This is a low maintenance look that is reminiscent of the cooky Capt. Jack Sparrow.

2. The Muttonchops


Mastering this one is quite tedious but if you do have a perfect idea of what kind of look you want to achieve with this one, then go for it.

3. The Bushy Beard


Just let it all grow.

4. The Patchy Growth


Fancy a muttonchop look that is low maintenance and clean to look at? Then why not try this one for size.

5. The Hairy Neck


This look would be easy to pull off for men who were blessed with incredible “hairy” genes.




6. The Chin Strap


Here is another low key look that is not just easy to maintain but easy to remove should you opt for a clean shaven look.

7.The Flavor Saver


This is how you keep things neat.

8. White Patches


Salt and pepper beard, anyone?

9. The Pointed Sideburns


Who knew sideburns were facial hair? The sideburns are the perfect way to sport on that “bearded” look without having to grow some beard.

10. The Goatee


Simple and easy to maintain. It is all about keeping the facial hair in the desired area on your face.




11.The Mustache/Porn Stache


This is a classy look that is sure to make any girl swoon.

12.The Bushy Sideburns


Here is another variation of the typical and simple sideburns look.

 13. The Long Bushy Beard 


Why not style this one for the World Beard and Mustache Championships?


Check out bizarre facial hair designs around the world.



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