9 Worst Women Types to Settle Down With

9 Worst Women Types to Settle Down With


Have you been in an on-and-off relationship, or you are caught on strings of one night stands and failed relationships? Of course, all we want is to be in a serious relationship and settle down.

If you really want to find a woman to spend your life with, you should take a look at yourself and evaluate your choices. Also, avoid these types of women. I’m telling you, they are not the best companion to be with for the long haul.

1. The Pathological Liar

A relationship is built around honesty and trust. If she keeps lying to you, and you have hesitations to trust her, then your relationship is already doomed.

2. The Cheater

Speaking of trust, can you trust someone who has a history of lying AND cheating to you?

Are they always going out at random times and dressing to impress? You might want to get a vehicle tracker and know the truth sooner then later.

If you continue to indulge yourself in a relationship with a cheater, it would just spell disaster in the near future.

3. The Emotionally Committed

If your current love interest is still hung up on his ex, it simply means one thing — she hasn’t moved on yet. She is clearly still obsessed with him. Believe me, this will just cut you deeply, so better starting weighing things if it is really worth the emotional pain.

 4. The Narcissist

Obsession comes in different forms, i.e. an obsession in yourself which is also known as narcissism. If she thinks that everything revolves around her, you are dating a ticking time bomb, my friend.

5. The Uncompromising Party Animal

If you find yourself stuck in a relationship where you, or your girlfriend alone, stay up all night on a weekday, then you will definitely not settle down, or at least, she is not ready to settle down with anybody.




6. The Materialist

Every woman melts easily for material objects, especially jewelries. However, if she shops until she drops, or until she burned a hole in her bank account, then you have a problem.

7. The Bully

Causing any physical or emotional pain is never a good sign of a healthy relationship. If she bullies you, then you are in for a crazy ride that would very likely end up in flames.

8. The “Police Officer”

This is the worst because she keeps on checking up on you every now and then. She keeps track of everything you do and your friends. Again, if she has trust issues and she keeps you chained and leashed every time, then you might as well be her little pet, and not your boyfriend.

9. The Unstable

If a woman has a severe mental or emotional disorder, she needs immediate help from a therapist, not a boyfriend.


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