Five-Year-Old Girl Uses a Lemonade Stand to Raise $25K for Amazing Cause

Five-Year-Old Girl Uses a Lemonade Stand to Raise $25K for Amazing Cause

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Five-year-old girl Na’ama Uzan knew that her brother Nadav Uzan was different, so she wanted to do something for him. She decided to set up a refreshment stand in order to support a foundation that aims to find a cure to Angelman Syndrome, a rare development and neurological disability, which her seven-year-old brother was diagnosed of.

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Fundraising for brother

Na’ama started her fundraising activity during spring last year. Aside from selling lemonade, she also sold muffins, cookies, hot chocolate, and other pastries. As of April 14, 2015, she has raised a total of $48,140. The money she gathered will benefit the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

Selling Lemonade

The young Toronto-native is often seen wearing a pair of pink sunglasses and standing on a box at the bottom of their family’s driveway. She serves her customers over a makeshift countertop.

Fundraise for brother

Selling Lemonade


Na’ama’s father David Uzan explained to the Toronto Star:

“She wanted to do something. When she realized that lemonade stands, which would normally be for fun, could be a source of helping find a cure, she just stepped up and really took off with it.”

The efforts of Na’ama haven’t gone unnoticed. As a matter of fact, she got the attention of David Low and his partner, whose son suffers from the same disorder. Under her name, the couple has raised an impressive $20,000 research grant through

Making Lemonade Juice

Selling out the Lemonade

Low told CTV Toronto, “The technology and therapies will be there to help these individuals, and the only way that hope is going to be fulfilled is through the efforts like people like Na’ama and her family who inspire others to give”.

FAST CEO Paula Evans also told ABC News:

“Because of Na’ama’s ambition and David’s generosity, Fast has been able to establish the Na’ama Uzan FAST-TRAC Award (Targeted Research to Advance a Cure), Na’ama has worked incredibly hard to help her brother. At FAST, we are committed to making sure every dollar she raises goes towards Angelman-specific research that will help her do exactly that.”

Meanwhile, Na’ama is just happy to help her brother. According to her, she loves her brother “more than a ton. I can’t say how much. It never ends”.

Learn more about the Angelman Syndrome lemonade stand initiative of Na’ama below:


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