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Take a Dive into This Fake Swimming Pool in Japan!

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Fake Swimming Pool in Japan

This mind blowing fake swimming pool is actually not a swimming pool at all! It’s not even outside.

It’s actually an art installation made by Buenos Aires artist Leandro Erlich for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. The art piece provides museum visitors with an exciting and mind-bending, interactive experience of being underwater without getting the slightest bit wet.

The fake swimming pool

We’re sure you’re scratching your head wondering, “How does it work?!”

Well, simple! The pool itself is a deep pit in the center of the room with aqua blue painted walls. The opening is then overlaid with a very clear, very clean, thick piece of glass, which is covered with a very thin layer of crystal blue water.


The optical illusion is overwhelming: it indefinitely looks like a swimming pool, filled to the brim with water, even when visitors are standing underneath the glass. However, the greatest part of this pool is even if you dive in, you’ll never get wet!

The fake swimming pool

The fake swimming pool

The fake swimming pool
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